Log of missions flown by Lt, C.C. Floren of the 598th Bomb Squadron, from airfield A-72 in France in 1944 and 1945.

An outline about the B-26 aircraft project.

Combat diary of Charles Lowe, an aerial photographer and tail gunner in the 18th Recon, 22nd BG, and fought in the Battle of Midway.

Category:1941 - 1943

A 54 page, 3" X 5" notebook record of Charles Olmsted's missions with the 320th Bomb Group in the Mediterranean theater.

Category:1941 - 1943

Photo journal of Charley Jensen, an Engineer-Gunner in the ETO. It contains 34 pages with 3 to 5 photos each, many with handwritten captions.

Category:1944 - 1945

Mission record of Navigator Maj. Kappeler of the 99th Combat Bombarment Group (M) from 16 July 1943 to 24 April 1945.

Mission record of Sgt. William Poche of the 449 BS, 344 BG from March - April 1945.

Hair raising combat damage, engine fire, and nearly catastrophic emergency landing, January 1944.

Category:Mission Reports