About Joseph O. Stevens' silver star-winning mission in 1945.


Details about a pilot that flew combat missions in a B-26 at age 20.


Detailed account of B-26B ditching in the Timor Sea about 100 miles from Darwin by Captain Charles I. Hitchcock, 2nd BS, 22nd BG. Also describes the flying characteristics of the "B" model.


Description of Marauder operations against the Japanese.


Wartime diary of Sgt. Albert Neil McGinnis, Engineer-Gunner on B-26 Marauder #169S (Pilot: Capt. Steere) of the 598th Bomb Squadron, 397th Bombardment Group, Essex, England, Rivenhall Airfield, 30 April 1944 until 25 December 1944.


Diary of an American Marauder pilot from his enlistment as an aviation cadet in June 1943, to combat missions over Normandy during the D-Day operations, and finally, coming home in January 1945.

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