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Miltary call for proposals to build a flying machine.

1939 document showing the cost of various Marauder models.

Log of missions flown by Lt, C.C. Floren of the 598th Bomb Squadron, from airfield A-72 in France in 1944 and 1945.

An outline about the B-26 aircraft project.

Mission record of Navigator Maj. Kappeler of the 99th Combat Bombarment Group (M) from 16 July 1943 to 24 April 1945.

Mission record of Sgt. William Poche of the 449 BS, 344 BG from March - April 1945.

Scott started his combat tour on a bicycle, but ended as a POW in Dulag-Luft. As he was being liberated, he retrieved these camp documents. Obtained during an interview at Ontario, California, July 19, 1991.

Italian POW camp record for Roy W. Rogers, who suffered a broken leg (from an interview on October 16, 1991 at Orlando, Florida).

Combat logbook entries of Marauder missions

Confidential 1946 War Department report about missing aircraft and their crews.

Mission report including a B-26 that was hit by flak after completing its bombing run and crashed into Tunis Harbor.

"MIA" telegram to Roy Rogers' mother, and "Located but wounded" follow-up she received a week later. From a video interview onOctober 16, 1991 at Orlando, Florida.